Monday, November 3, 2014

Inktober Day 25: The Thief

The Thief!

Of course, not all the folk in the County of Corndale are as pious as those inside of Father Gregory's kirk. After reluctantly leaving the charming village behind it was time to start on their journey again. But Bartholomew and Cor hadn't gone more than a few miles before a sneaky thief came at them from behind! He had a sharp knife and intended to steal Bartholomew's precious coin. The thief was quick, but was no match for Bartholomew's strength and staff. And the thief fled in a hurry, taking only a small portion of the travelers' belongings. But not before Cor took a bite or two out of the mean Thief's hindquarters! No doubt, the Thief with a patch on his eye will think twice before attacking travelers with dogs in the future, you can be sure!

Inktober Day 24: The Kindly Cleric

The Kindly Cleric

Upon Sunday morn, Pilgrim and Cor heard the clear bells of the Corndale Castle kirk ringing. They thought that since it had been so long since they set upon their journey and that since they were now in a civilized village they should visit the kirk and pray for their journey ahead, that they might have good roads and fair weather. At the door, a Kindly Cleric by the name of Father Gregory met them with a kind smile and invited them in along with all the kind folk and creatures from the village. They left the kirk feeling encouraged and ready for the journey ahead.

Inktober Day 22: The Frog Jester

The Frog Jester

One of the many contestants in the Talent Contest was a Frog Jester by the name of Lloyd Turnbuckle. He was quite a juggler, the finest Cor had ever seen. And he had a magnificent baritone voice with which he sung light-hearted nonsense reels and jigs. Everyone was quite impressed with his feats, but all were surprised when he caught all of his juggling balls in mid-air one by one with his tongue and swallowed them whole! But he set everyone to laughing again when they discovered that they were bright red cranberries after all.

Inktober Day 21: Princess Penelope Flowerwood

Princess Penelope Flowerwood

Cor and Pilgrim decided that Corndale seemed like a cheerful place to stay for a few days, and it just so happened that it was the time of year that folk from all over the county celebrated the Harvest Festival. It was on the first day of their visit that they chanced to encounter the lovely Princess Penelope Flowerwood. She was known all over the county for her kindness and generosity to the countryfolk, and she was smiling as she greeted the two traveling strangers. They talked most amiably for a few moments, Pilgrim awkwardly and bashfully fidgeting, and Cor bowing like a gentledog should. Then she had to be off, for she was to judge a Talent Contest on the Village Green and the prize was to be a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers she had gathered herself...

Inktober Day 20: Bill Buttonstock, a Fellow Pilgrim

A Fellow Pilgrim

When Bartholomew and Cor entered the Village of Corndale, they were pleased to forsake the lonely and dangerous road for some cheerful company, good food and ale. In the village tavern, Bartholomew struck up a conversation with a Fellow Pilgrim, by name of Bill Buttonstock. They each shared tales of what they had encountered thus far on their travels, while Cor gnawed contentedly on a bone and discussed the latest gossip with the dogs who frequented the tavern with their masters.

Inktober Day 19: The Bat Knight

The Bat Knight

After making camp one night, both Cor and Pilgrim were startled and sat upright when far off in the distance they heard the beating of large, soft wings, and eerie screeching filling the night air. To their astonishment, in the pale moonlight they saw a dreadful sight - a black Knight upon a gigantic bat. He circled their campfire - once! Twice! Three times! and let out one last shriek and fled into the shadows. The two friends did not sleep well that night, and were glad to see that visitor leave.

Inktober Day 18: The Mushroom Healer

The Mushroom Healer

After meeting the despicable Cyclops, both Cor and Pilgrim were in dire need of medical attention. It was very fortunate indeed, when coming out of the forest they spied a graceful Healer from the Mushroom Village. Her remedies and gentle hand restored them to health quickly, and they thanked her for her kindness, and wished them good fortune upon their journey.

Inktober Day 17: Cyclops!


One of the many creatures that Bartholomew and Cor met upon their journey was the terrible Cyclops. He was less than courteous and put up a dreadful fight, blubbering on with something about "setting foot on his territory". It was not without some difficulty that the two heroes dispatched this cruel monster and quickly set off searching for a Healer to attend their wounds.