Thursday, January 24, 2013

Morning Warmup

Here's a quick morning warmup sketch from the other day. I've been trying to warm up with my sketchbook every day. Not easy, trust me, but it makes a big difference, because you don't really have to worry too much about the finished product. The point is to have fun and get the creativity flowing.

I've been pretty busy with a few things: I'm working on a book cover for a friend, trying to plan some new personal illustrations (slowly), and also preparing an application for a mentorship with a program called Motivarti. You can check out the program here if you like:

That's all for now, hope to have some more art to share with you all soon!

1 comment:

Alisha Lehigh said...

My google calendar, which, unlike me, has a perfect memory, says that today would be a very good day to wish you a happy birthday! I thought I would use this opportunity to say that I've been enjoying your blog and seeing the artwork you have been working on. It is exceptional and very creative. It's so neat to see how you've developed your talent over the past few years. God has definitely blessed you with both amazing talent and great perseverance! I am sure your art is an inspiration to many aspiring artists. Keep up the good work!