Thursday, October 29, 2009

#014 The Lepidopter

Last night I discovered a very beautiful painting by James Gurney of Dinotopia fame. It is an amazing painting blending imagination & realism so well that you can feel this Lepidopter taking off into the night sky. With you in it!
As anyone who knows me well can attest, I have been a big fan of Mr. Gurney's work since I was very young. I was thrilled when he left me with the kind encouragement that follows on his blog:

Thank you very much Mr. Gurney. I'll certainly try. (Spectrum is an annual album of imaginative art that features artists' work from all around the world).
Go to to see more great art like this, and to get a peppy dose of artistic instruction and inspiration.

1 comment: review said...

Really, this is an amazing and beautiful painting that you have shared with us. Keep up such great posts and i totally look forward to more. Regards.