Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#160 Farmer Giant

Farmer Giant lives peacefully in the valley, happily tending his crops to help feed the humble peasants who live nearby. They are very grateful for his services!


Aedan Peterson said...

I like him. Trolls and giants are some of my favorite things to draw. Their so grotesque, making them entertaining and fun to draw. Once again, I like him a lot.


Will Kelly said...

Thanks Aedan!

Farmer Giant has asked if I would tell his story. He happily obliged me with many details of his adventure in the mountains, and so I wrote them down. Hopefully we will be able to share them with the world in pictures very soon. Time will tell..


Aedan Peterson said...

A tale ye say. Let's see wot you got. I need a good story to warm me bones.