Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some News! And Scottish Stereotypes!

Just taking a short break to post this silly little sketch that I did a while back in my sketchbook. I am very obsessed with all things Scotland these days, since it is only 9 months until I get to travel there IN PERSON to spend 10 wonderful days there exploring the country of my forefathers. I am sure the above picture is a crude stereotype of Elderly Scottish Gentlemen, but honestly crude stereotypes make for some really good sketches.

Also, some quick news. I am hard at work completing 5 new drawings that will hopefully be a part of my first ever PRINTED SKETCHBOOK! This will be a very small booklet that will contain 5 brand-new never seen drawings as well as various drawings and sketches from the past year or so. I don't have a hard release date set yet, but I will most certainly post it here so you all will be informed. I am aiming for having them ready to go to print at the end of this month, and hope to have them available for purchase around the first of October!

I have lots more interesting things planned for the coming months, so stay tuned for more information!


Seth Rosamilia said...

Hah, I love the amount of character this guy has–the "age before beauty, young laddie . . ." is just fantastic. Cool to hear about your upcoming trip to Scotland, and super excited about this sketchbook you speak of!

~ Seth

Will Kelly said...

Thanks Seth! I'm excited and nervous about the sketchbook all at once. Looking forward to sharing it with everyone.