Sunday, October 20, 2013

#INKtober Day 18: Feirce Orc

Welcome to Orthanc! Now please leave.

Don't laugh, you would be cranky too if you had to work for a jerk like Saruman.

Speaking of which, I saw the new Hobbit trailer in front of 'Gravity' this afternoon! It looks like it's 
going to be a really good movie - it appears as though things are going to get 
a little more complex in the second installment, which is good in my opinion.
And Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug is going to be fantastic.

'Til next time folks!


Aedan Peterson said...

We just went to see gravity as well. Smaug's voice was AWESOME! Gravity was amazing as well. And the orc is awesome. Good work.

Will Kelly said...

Thanks Aedan! Yeah, Smaug's voice gave me chills :)