Wednesday, October 2, 2013

INKtober Day 2: Triceratops

Today's drawing is a dinosaur - triceratops, to be exact. Honestly, he looks like he would be more at home on the Barney show (although I doubt Barney would condone the smoking of tobacco). But what had at first hoped to be a rusty red, quickly turned into a mediocre pinkish-salmon color and my meager watercolor skills were exhausted beyond their capacity. That combined with the fact that Barney had appeared suddenly and had begun singing the "I Love You" song quickly put an end to my efforts at creating a worth-while piece of art.

Also, some of you may be wondering what materials I'm using for these drawings/paintings.
Here's a quick list:

Arches Hot Pressed 140-lb Watercolor Paper
Prismacolor Non-photo blue Pencil for underdrawing
Pentel Pocket brush pen (black)
Watercolors (all kinds, but Winsor-Newton, mostly)

More tomorrow!



Seth Rosamilia said...

Love the look–and the pipe! I've decided to try my hand at INKtober, after a fashion, myself. Also, something I've noticed but never actually asked. Why do illustrators tend to use blue colored pencil for underdrawing? Is it simply to add more distinction between the underdrawing and the overdrawing? Or is there a more important and subtle reason for it? Anyway, looks good, and keep it coming!

~ Seth

Will Kelly said...

Hi Seth! Glad to hear it! Hope your ink adventures go well. The non-photo blue pencil originally was used for under-drawing because Xerox machines would not pick this color up. This meant that only the finished linework would be visible. This also works in photoshop, where you can totally desaturate the blue levels and make it disappear. For this project however, I'm just letting everything shine through :)

Aedan Peterson said...

Looks great!

Will Kelly said...

Thanks Aedan!