Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fisherman's Song

As you may recall, last year I completed a new series of four new drawings to add to my portfolio. These were also included in the sketchbook "Drawing the Sword" which I also released last year. As part of that effort, I began coloring these pieces digitally. This was the only one I completed, but I really enjoyed the process, and I love the way the colors came out on it. I also submitted this piece, along with my Winter Dragon piece to the Spectrum Annual this year. It was my first submission to the publication.

Above is a bit of the progress that took it from basic idea to finished drawing. Unfortunately I don't have any WIP shots of the coloring process, but basically it involved large areas of flat color, then working my way up to the highlights and details with some various color adjustment layers over the finished color.

I wanted to convey sort of a carefree summer feeling with this piece. My brothers and I spent countless summer days exploring creeks and woods together when I was a kid. It's good to get out and explore your world. It makes you feel truly alive. That's what this Fisherman is up to with his turtle friend. They're just out there to enjoy the fresh air and to have a good time with each other!

Hope you like it!



Seth Rosamilia said...

I really enjoyed this piece in your sketchbook, and I love the full-color illustration. I think it was a great choice to have this be one of your Spectrum submissions. I think it's got a great sense of narrative, and I've personally always liked to think that the instrument being played is an ocarina. Love the piece, and love the post.

~ Seth

Kelley said...

Beautiful piece! I love the face of the turtle and the warm light coming from the hut.

Will Kelly said...

Thanks both of you for the kind comments! Glad you like it.