Monday, March 3, 2014

Sketch Dailies: "Selfie"

Today's Sketch Dailies topic was "Selfie". I chose to do a portrait in the style of Hergé, the creator of the Belgian comics series "Tintin". His work has a very flat, linear quality. I adored his books as a kid, and still do.

I completed this 100% digitally in Photoshop (CS6! Yay, I upgraded!) and the background is a scan from a vintage Childcraft book.

Be sure and pick up a Tintin book and read it sometime! You won't be sorry. Here, see for yourself:


Seth Rosamilia said...

I think the bow tie makes it.

Zach Franzen said...

This is perfect! Great job.

Will Kelly said...

Thanks Zach! Glad you like it.