Monday, February 27, 2012

#149 Sketchbook 2012!

Out of necessity I've been posting a lot from my iPhone lately, so I have to keep things a bit short. But I wanted to share a bit of a drawing I've been working on this week... And share a bit of what it is for.
I am planning a printed Sketchbook!
I have a theme in mind, but haven't decided on a title yet. It will feature about 8 - 10 finished illustrations, along with all the sketches that go along with them, and will (hopefully) be printed in full color!
I'll share more details as they come, but I won't be posting all the finished art, but will keep you updated!
Look for a release sometime this summer. Stay tuned!



Aedan Peterson said...

That sounds really cool! If you go through with this, I will totally buy it. Good luck!

Will Kelly said...


Awesome! You have to be my accountability coach and make sure I finish this thing!
Thanks for being a supporter.