Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#147 Oil Painting (Still Life)

Before Christmas last, I attended a workshop on oil painting at a local art supply store. I wanted to simply be introduced to the materials involved in oil painting, and it was a decent introduction. I have not touched oils since, simply because of one or all of these three things:

1. I haven't bought any more canvas or boards.

2. I am a procrastinator.

3. Oils are messy.

The latter statement is one that I discovered during the class. The instructor informed us (halfway through the class) that oil paints have the potential to be rather toxic. Of course, at this point I had them all over both my hands. I was not amused.

Still, however, I plan on doing more oil studies soon. James Gurney, a fabulous oil painter who works mainly in the plein-air method, will be a day lecturer at IMC this year, and I very much want to attend his class. So I hope to learn a few things before I go so I will at least be able to follow along at a limping pace.


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