Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Drawing the Sword Business Cards!

"Does this mean I'm a professional now?!?"

Today the parcel man dropped (rather loudly, I might add) a pleasant surprise on my doorstep.

My new business cards! I've been wanting to show them to you all since I placed the order, but I figured that I should wait, and let them speak for themselves. And they look fabulous! The online card service I used was top-notch and fast. And the printing quality was excellent, as well as the affordability. If you're interested in getting some cards made up, give them a look;
It's a lot of fun to see your own artwork printed out at higher resolution (hmm, maybe that needs to happen more, more on that later!)

Anyway, I hope to be handing these out rather obnoxiously to everyone I meet and know. So hopefully I'll get to hand you one when I run into you at a con or on the street, or over a caramel macchiato! And of course I'll be including them in any orders I ship out in my hopefully-soon-to-be-opened Etsy Store! I'm still in the process of finding a reliable way of getting prints done and getting the store in working order. I'll also be doing straight-to-print illustrations, and if there is any particular illustration of mine that you like and would want a print of, be sure and let me know in the comments. I want to print stuff that you folks would like to have for your own, so be sure and put your two cents worth in.

Well, that's it for exciting weekend news, and I'll keep you all posted on more developments on the shop, as well as my latest drawing (which I can't wait to show you!!). Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!



Arleen Spenceley said...

They look fabulous!

Will Kelly said...

Thanks so much Arleen!

Hank hendricks said...

Like the drawing..they look fabulous. thanks for sharing.Order Business Cards.

Sweet Fairy said...

Awesome cards. Great design. It will help me so much in designing my plastic business cards for my new business. Thanks for sharing.

Muhammad Amjad said...

These cards are fabulous ....when i see them then i am charming.Thank you share it.
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