Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Old Made New

As well as being an illustrator who loves to draw and paint, I also like to snap a few pictures when the occasion arises. I would love to someday own a SLR of some sort, but until then, I have discovered that my iPhone takes rather nice photos, and with the help of a few apps, can really turn them into works of art. 

A few months ago I was in Southern Kentucky, and had the opportunity to explore an old school, built around 1937 or so. The amazing thing was, it was abandoned, and everything seemed untouched. It was as if I could hear children answering questions and cheering upon hearing that summer break was about to commence. It was a haunting experience.

 "Commisioner of Agriculture" ... I wonder if this was his desk as a child?

The front entry way of the school. The principles office was like a crow's nest overlooking the front walk (above).

Vintage electricity and heating systems.

This typewriter was simply lying in the floor, most likely thrown in the floor by vandals (there was quite a lot of evidence of their visits).

Grain elevators and a railway were behind the school. And the clouds were just right.

I used VSCO CAM, an app with a myriad of controls to take and manipulate these images. It's available for iPhone and iPod touch on the app store, and in my opinion, well worth .99 cents. You can learn more about it here
History and old things are amazing to me, and to stumble upon a place like this was almost like stepping into a time machine. Hope to share more photos in the future here on the blog. 

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