Saturday, August 3, 2013

Buried Treasure - Illustration Process

Here's a quick piece I did. I've been really inspired lately by children's book illustrators like Jon Klassen and Isabelle Arsenault. Their work has such amazing texture and simplicity. I love it. I'd like to explore this type of work more fully.

I took a different approach. This guy was doodled in my sketchbook. I took a piece of watercolor paper, and painted all the different pieces I knew it would take to create him. Here's that page:

I then scanned all of this into Photoshop, and put every piece on its own layer. By doing this, it allowed me to maneuver all the pieces into place, re-size them and get it how I wanted it. A few color adjustment layers, and I was done! Below is a little .gif animation that shows the process:

What do you think of this style? I'm eager to explore this technique further for use in children's books, etc. Hope you like it!


Seth Rosamilia said...

Hey Will, for some reason Blogger isn't letting me leave comments on your Winter Dragon post, so I guess I'll comment on both that and this one at once. For the Winter Dragon one, "So happy to finally see the finished piece! I really love the warm/cool contrast between the dwarves and the rest of the scene. I'm finally home for the summer, and am looking forward to being able to keep on top of checking out your blog posts."

And for this one I'd say that I find the technique intriguing, and I think it would work great for a children's book.

Will Kelly said...

Hey Seth! Thanks for the feedback. Not sure what's going on with Blogger not letting you post on the Winter Dragon one. I've been super busy with workshops and projects, but I hope to do some new blog posts in the near future. Thanks for following the blog - I do appreciate it!