Saturday, October 1, 2011

#091 INKtober Day 1: Boba Fett

It's October! Or INKtober, I should say!

I've decided (in a somewhat last-minute fashion) to take the INKtober Challenge as given by Jake Parker here. The object is this:
Every day in the Month of October, draw a pen & ink sketch!
It's that easy! And it's a great way to stretch your creativity.
So what better way to start than with the baddest dude in the universe, Boba Fett himself. I did this portrait with Zig Micron pens (I hope that counts as pen & ink!) in my Moleskine sketchbook. I think I should have probably left out Cloud City in the background, but I kinda liked the background element in there. Overall, it took me about 30 minutes.
So thanks Jake for the challenge, and I look forward to seeing all you other INKers come up with!

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