Monday, October 31, 2011

#126 INKtober Day 31: Heroes' Last Stand

"...And so it was that he, along with the Archer and the Dwarf made a desperate last stand on that barren hilltop. The Lost Gold was safe, but any hopes of a return to the realm from which he came, and all hope of winning the hand of his lady had been dashed upon that desolate mountain. As the dragons circled around them, he resolved in his battered, weary state to die fighting, die nobly, and die with her name on his lips..."


And so, the great INKtober journey comes to a somewhat bittersweet end. I will miss doing an ink drawing every day. But it has totally inspired me to move forward and work harder than ever to become a better draftsman and artist. The month of INKtober has pushed me to think in creative ways, and to never give up.

It has been an amazing month, thanks to everyone who has commented and been following this incredible journey. I hope you'll stick around to see what November holds...
Until then, my friends!

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