Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#121 INKtober Day 26: Unicorn Battle


This is based on a suggestion by @jackierudolph84 (on twitter). I couldn't wait to do this one, because I loved the idea of 2 mythological creatures fighting to the finish in a battle of good vs. evil. Intentionally, I left it up for you to decide which one is good and which one is evil. I have my own opinion, but I won't bias you either way. I'd like to hear what you think in the comments.

Only 5 days left of INKtober! I hope to make them count. More tomorrow!


Jackie R said...

WOW nice job Will! That came out awesome!!

Rachel said...

Will, 2 things....
1. I am in love with Pintrest and you need to check it out and I am pinning this picture, (that was actually 3 in 1...whatever.)
2. To make it more "real" you could have made the one biting the other in the rump... this is from much personal experience with horses, the less mythical cousin of the unicorn. I can only assume the behavior is similar. :)

Will Kelly said...

@Jackie R: Thanks so much! Hope that it was enough to whet your unicorn appetite!

1. I am hearing a lot of good things about Pinterest these days, and I'm sure that it would be right up my alley. And thanks for posting it up!

2. And thanks also for the input on the true behavior of horses - I studied a lot of photo reference before I attempted this one, because I wanted to get the anatomy as close as *possible*. Looking back, the whole image didn't really accomplish the interaction between the two that I had hoped.
Honestly, I would like to revisit this idea as another painting. So perhaps I will be able to incorporate your ideas into it - you may just have to be my "equine Consultant" for the project!

Thanks both of you for the comments!