Thursday, October 16, 2014

Inktober Day 11: Howard the Discouraged Bear

Howard, the Discouraged Bear
After bidding farewell to the gracious Lumberjack and his Wife, Cor and Bartholomew traveled for several miles down the road. One afternoon, they met a Bear, who wore a suit of mail and a little dented helmet. By the way his sword drooped and the dejected look on his bear face, the Travelers decided that they should see what was the matter with this poor fellow.

Upon talking with the bear, they learned that his name was Sir Howard, and he was a Very Discouraged Bear. He told Bartholomew and Cor that he had been seeking adventure for some time after the Lady of Beetlewood proclaimed him a Knight of the Forest. But it seemed that just when he would hear of some exciting quest he would feel a great yawn coming on, and drowse off to sleep! Or when a damsel was in distress, his stomach would growl loudly, and he would notice some tempting berries in the hedgerow. 

And so Howard, the Discouraged Bear admitted that he didn't feel very Knightly after all, and more like a plain old hungry, sleepy Bear. Bartholomew promptly told him that he needn't be discouraged, and that lots of knights got hungry and sleepy, but they usually ate and slept well before going on adventures. And that he should not give up being a Knight, but keep on doing good deeds for folk in the forest who were in need. Howard seemed to take heart at this good word of advice, and invited Cor and Bartholomew to come to the hedgerow for a late-morning snack of blackberries.

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