Monday, October 20, 2014

Inktober Day 15: Mole the Prospector

Mole the Prospector

When Bartholomew and Cor reached the Low Hills, they were surprised to find many empty shacks and old lifts and quarries. They quickly discovered that the Low Hills had been a mining colony for many years, and had been searched high and low for gold and precious metals. As they rounded the bend, they heard a high-pitched voice singing a song:
"Gold and gems are hard to find,
when eyes are weak and almost blind,

but dig we will, and find we must!
If pickaxe breaks and shovels rust,

Then paw and claw I'll dig and there
In dirt 'twill be wealth past compare!

The Travelers learned that Mr. Mole the Prospector had been searching for gold most all his life, but hadn't found any quite yet. But he didn't mind, because he also found other useful things in the ground, like worms, beetles, and root vegetables that made tasty stews. He invited them to stay for some, but the two friends politely declined!

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