Friday, October 10, 2014

Inktober Day 5: The Friendly Bard

The Friendly Bard

Upon leaving the Mushroom village behind, Bartholomew & Cor encountered a friendly bard singing in a clearing in the woods. He had a cheery demeanor and an equally cheery campfire, and as it was growing late, the Bard invited the two to share the warmth of the blaze.
They quickly made friends with the musical fellow, who informed them that the road ahead through the forest was very long and not always as pleasant as the miles they had traveled so far. As the weary Pilgrim and his canine companion drifted away to sleep, the Bard struck up a strange song that blended into the orange flames of the fire as their tired eyes closed. The last bit that Pilgrim remembered was snatches of a verse about a strange prince... and an equally strange curse...

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