Sunday, October 19, 2014

Inktober Day 13: The Scholarly Mouse

The Scholarly Mouse

One of the many fantastical creatures and folk that the Pilgrim and his canine companion encountered upon the road was a Mouse. He was a Scholarly Mouse, and he was in a Dreadful Hurry. He paused only briefly to say good day to the Travelers and they asked him where he was going and why he was moving so quickly. He explained in a hasty voice that he was on his way to a convention of the College of Mice who were about to have an extensive week of lectures on Astronomy and its Uses for More Productive Grain Harvest. Although this puzzled Cor and Bartholomew, they didn't have time to discuss it because with that, the Scholarly Mouse disappeared around the bend.

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Dorcas Rudolph said...

I came across this today... I absolutely love the picture of the mouse. Great work!