Friday, October 10, 2014

Inktober Day 7: The Fox Prince

The Fox Prince

As the forest grew thicker and darker, a chill spread through the shadows. Cor began sticking closer to Bartholomew, and growled a bit. He could smell trouble. Suddenly, in a break in the underbrush, they spied a strange, darkly cloaked figure. But strangest of all was his face - a Fox! And above his head an eerie golden apparition of a crown. 
Suddenly the Bard's strange song came back to Bartholomew: 

"Once a prince, now rules alone, 
Cursed to wander, road his home,

Human form now laid to rest,
The Fox Prince stalks, both croft and nest,

For greed his heart hath all-consumed
and greed will be his waking doom.

But raiding coop and stripping vine,
Is only his to bide the time

For on future day of vengeance near,
Will Prince reclaim all he holds dear"

The strange fox let out a strange cry upon spying the travelers, and dashed into the deep forest. Both Cor and Pilgrim were glad to say farewell to that horrible creature, but Cor's sharp mind had suspicion that they would see him again far too soon...


Liz Wong said...

I'm enjoying all your inktober drawings but this one is especially stunning!

Will Kelly said...

Thank you so much Liz! Glad you're enjoying them so far :)