Sunday, October 19, 2014

Inktober Day 14: The Old Hermit

The Old Hermit

The Old Hermit is a fellow who lives in the Forest, it is rumored to be Easterwood. Occasionally he will appear in a village or two, but disappears quickly into the wood. No one knows much about his life, except some strange rumors about his former life as a wizard in the service of a long-forgotten prince. While at court, his powers and abilities were sought after by disreputable nobles who wanted to destroy the kingdom. After a series of terrible events, the old man forsook his life of deception and greed and fled to other lands.
Now he seeks to live a life of peace and solitude in the forest, but he fears that one day his past will come back to find him and he will have to reckon with the forces that nearly destroyed him...

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