Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Inktober Day 16: Snail Joust!

Snail Joust!

One fine Saturday afternoon, Bartholomew and Cor stumbled upon a festive scene. The Annual Evergreenshire Snail Jousts had begun! It was an exciting time for all the spectators who had turned out in their finest and were enjoying the fine weather and the excellent faire food and drink. Cor and Bartholomew decided to stop a while and watch. The two contestants, Sir Herbert and Sir Ichabod and their brave steeds lined up at the start. And they were off! The two travelers were enthralled with the goings-on. They polished off several meat pies and ales, but after a couple of hours, they decided that they should be off. By Cor's estimation, it would be another hour or so before the contestants ever reached or unseated each other.

1 comment: said...

Its a really exciting and interesting event to watch. The snail run has been quite slow so it would take much time to finally reach the end line. Nice illustration that you have created.